Mourning Portraits

Michael J Berkowitz/ Fine Art Portraits

In Victorian times, it was also customary to photograph a grieving widow on the occasion of the passing of a loved one. The mourner would dress up in all her black finery to commemorate the occasion. Even her jewelry would be black, made expressly for this purpose. I have made several attempts of my interpretation of these kinds of images. lack jewelry is not easy to find so I have designed and made my own for each shoot. As before, I have paired the images. The first is a more formal image as the woman in mourning would appear to friends and family at the funeral. The second image is more intimate, as she would appear when finally alone, contemplating the lost touch of her lover, which she will never again feel. In the first set, I have incorporated Anemone flowers which have long symbolized “lost love that will never…

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  1. Hi Michael….This might be a strange question,…I just had to go through a mammogram and then an ultrasound,..and thought wow,..if I have to lose a breast,..I want a portrait of mine before I lose one….has anyone come to you before a mastectomy? Jane >

    1. I have photographed quite a few women in their 50s and 60s and many have said they want to document their bodies before they get older, but none have yet mentioned that. Of course, I would be glad to photograph them with all due sensitivity.

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